Play is their brain’s favourite way of learning …..Did they play today?

“Dear over scheduled, busy world please leave me alone. I need to play for my future. It is my work so I can grow”!!


There is an unspoken or even spoken pressure on us as a parent to organise activities for our kids. I see every 2nd mother in my group talking about swimming classes, phonics classes, Reading classes, sports classes etc. We are living in a structured society and for our children also we want a method. My little one is going to be five and believe me few years ago I was also the same, though I never sent her to any activity classes but I used to have nagging feeling of guilt for not enrolling her for any activity.

A working guilty mother took an effort and attended a workshop on parenting at . When i expressed my concern, i was advised at the workshop not to enrol my little one for any classes. Instead, on Saturday morning send her for free play. I understood that these days kids are so much engaged that there is no time for free/pretend play. Free play does not mean playing any musical instrument, sports or arranging a playdates by mommies. Free play means playing on their own either with a friend or alone, where there are no visible signs of progress. What is essential is invisible to the eyes and I strongly believe it. We often talk about phrases like Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Emotional Intelligence. What are these? These are the skills which come from Imagination. The way to create kids imagination is to provide them with opportunities to free /open ended play. Playing with paints, playing with crayons, playing with costumes, making a mess, exploring the woods, splashing in the puddle, pretending to be bird, fairy, and superheroes. Unfortunately, these important things have taken backstage, our kids are either busy with their activity classes or electronic gadgets. I did a little research on providing screen time to the kids. The American Academy of Paediatrics discourage any screen time for the first two years of life, but after that recommends less than two hours in a day. In the UK the official screen time rule comes from the National Institute of Health and care Excellence, which recently advised trying TV /Gadgets free days or limiting for less than two hours. Steiner Waldorf Schools exclude screen time before the age of 12 and is in favour of physical activity, art and experiential learning. There are concerns that these devices have negative impacts on children’s attention spans and social development.

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning, but for children play is serious learning” – Mr. Rogers


What is Free Play?

The other day I was engrossed in my book and suddenly my little one says “Mamma I got a job”. Not willing to put down my favourite pick I simply replied “hmmm”. “Mamma it’s important, I got a job and it is very good job you will be proud of me”. I raised my head from the book “Ok, but what job”? “I got job of taking care of dogs, feeding them, covering them with blankets because it is cold and singing songs to them. Are you proud of me”? “Yes, Of course I am proud of you” I said. I was so intrigued by her way of expressing herself that I actually put down my book and went to see her play area where she had made imaginary dogs with pillows and cushions.


In her play she was at a dog shelter where her job was to look after the abandoned dogs. I was happy and proud that she has surprisingly learnt in her free play a valuable life lesson, to be sympathetic towards the creatures of god and that’s a job to be really proud of.

When she has to make her soft toys sleep in her pretend play evening is morning, night is afternoon and morning is evening. We adult think it’s silly but kids know the difference and with this they learn that they also need to adjust in life according to the need and requirement just the way they have shifted the sun rise and sun set according to their convenience.

Free play is as old as human civilisation. Earlier, creating fantasies was the only way that children could play. Playing “Ghar Ghar” wasn’t our favourite as a kid? These days’ kids  play with smartphones on the pretext of saying “mamma I am bored, I don’t know what to do?” I have stopped believing my little one when she says that she is bored. I simply choose to ignore her demand only to find her putting my dupatta to become a teacher of her dolls in a corner of the room.


There are many developments which happen when kids are given ample situations and environment for Free Play:

  1. Creative Development: It has been found through various researches that every child at play behaves like a creative writer, in that they create a world for themselves according to their wish. When children use their imaginations in play, they are more creative, perform better at tasks and develop a problem solving skills.
  2. Language Skills: They invent scenarios and tell stories which leads to vocabulary building.
  3. Social Skills: Children learn compassion, empathy and understanding through free play.
  4. Self-Control: Free play teaches children to be less anxious. It teaches them resilience which is an important factor in predicting success as an adult.

Provide your child with a space in your home for imaginative play. It could be a separate room or just a corner of a room. There is no need to spend money for pretend play toys. Simple items found in home will act as perfect props to spark the imagination. Like dining table covered with bed sheet can become a castle, a cave or a house. Cardboard boxes can become anything such as computer table, beds for animals.


There are different play Schools and Daycares in Mumbai that encourages pretend and free play. one of them is I know them with my personal experience as my little one has attended play group and daycare at cosmikids.

Free play allows children to build, imagine,create,experience,explore,predict and use the senses. Let them play today, everyday!!!

Looking forward for your  thoughts and experiences!!!






Budget – A Way of Life!!! – better Late than never – Money Matters

We are going to enter the new financial year and I could have thought of nothing but to share my experience over my personal finance – it was in deep mess. I went for six months sabbatical last year to spend some quality time with my little one. During this period the first thing I thought was of my savings (of course I was without a paycheck). I checked my account details, credit cards bill, my spending habit, my closet, my little one’s closet, her toys collection, my kitchen groceries other household items. I did not know where to begin with and one fine morning I came across an article which changed my behavior. Yes, managing finance is 80% behavior and 20% mathematics.  I realized I don’t need to be financial expert to have an impact on my personal finance. Wish, I could have learnt this early in my life but like I said better late than never.

The article suggested to have a proper budget in place to organize my finance. That afternoon I decided to buy a black little diary instead of that black Zara dress. I started writing my small expenses throughout the day and I could see where my money was going. This little diary has been replaced by walnut on my phone which captures all the expenses made through debit/credit cards. Little expenses can be entered manually. There are plenty of such apps available in your play store. A budget is telling your money where to go, instead of wondering where it went. A budget in place has helped me a lot and have started saving first. Most of us save what is left after expenses. Change this to spending what is left after investment. Following graph depicts my alarming spending habit which I had almost 6 months ago.


I am sharing few inputs which I got from that article which changed my pattern and since then there is no looking back:


There is widely used 50:30:20 rule of budgeting. This principle says 50% of your income should be used for essential expenses (food, shelter, clothing), 30 % should be used for discretionary spending and 20% should be put into the savings. However, this can be adjusted across individuals and financial circumstances. Once I started following a household budget I noticed a pattern in my spending and I figured out where I need to cut down or how I can get more out of my money.

Few good habits can be inculcated and pass on to our generations about savings are:

  1. We should be always grateful for the money we have.
  2. Keep a piggy bank.
  3. Streamline your wardrobes.
  4. A penny saved is a penny earned.
  5. Go for grocery shopping with a list – we end up buying stuff only to throw later.
  6. Avoid credit cards with annual charges.
  7. Payment of credit cards should be done on or before due date to avoid heavy charges (most of us know about it, but trust me as a banker have seen people saying oh!! I forgot and make faces as if it hardly matters).
  8. Did you know there are best and worst times to purchase your plane tickets? According to a four-year analysis done by the Airline Reporting corporation the cheapest prices for a domestic flight could be found around six weeks prior to departure. For international trips, those cheapest tickets were found at around 24 weeks prior to departure. So, go ahead plan your coming vacation.
  9. Look for the entertainment for free. Skip weekends at expensive brunches. Instead enjoy at beach (my little one loves beaches) or park or a drive to explore a nearby town. Local fairs and festivals are fun. Take your kids for story telling sessions.
  • Get fit for free: paying each month for a gym membership or classes? Start walking or running in your neighborhood.
  1. Dedicate raises and bonus directly to savings.
  • Divert part of your monthly salary to recurring deposits for few years and forget about it. Ask your bank for the best rate.
  • Open an RD account forcefully on your kid’s birthday or your anniversary with every month standing instructions.

Did I mention Bank here? Then I must tell you that there are several rules and charges which have changed after demonetization and being aware about it is also equally important for your budget and savings. Banks have started heavy charges for :

  1. Not maintaining the minimum average balance.
  2. Cash transaction deposits and withdrawals.
  3. Atm transaction charges.
  4. Other charges such as SMS alerts, debit and credit cards, online transations.
  5. NEFT, RTGS, IMPS- issuing extra cheque leaves, issuing a DD, levying heavy charges in case of cheque bounce.

We cannot avoid above charges however, we  can make most of the situation.

A little behavior change can help us  like :

  • Withdraw cash in one go according to your planned budget for the month.
  • we can opt for mutual funds. They not only offer better returns than a saving bank account, they come with ATM facility. we can withdraw small amounts without paying any fees. Reliance offers such service. We can google more.
  • Govt bonds, small savings schemes and other debt options offer higher returns than bank Fixed Deposits.
  • Any service which are chargeable and you don’t need opt out of it.
  • Lower your home loan EMI: we should also be aware about the interest rate fluctuations for borrowers. RBI has introduced the MCLR method to enable a faster transmission of rate cuts to bank customers replacing the base rate method. If you took loan a few years ago can shift by paying a fee (stamp duty, registration and documentation charges etc)

I have tried to collate the above information through my experience. But it has a bigger picture, for details you can contact your bank. Different banks have different charges.

Happy New Financial Year!!!


I would love to read your financial story because every story makes a difference.



Secret Of A Storyteller Mom

I used to spend a good deal of time and effort finding and reading books to my little one.  I was encouraged by my child’s pre-primary teacher to read to her every day to enrich her imagination and introduce her to the beauty of literature. Our reading was mostly confined to bedtime.

It was May 2nd 2016, I came across a post on social media about a storyteller in town. I sneaked in to her profile and closely followed her webpages. I must say I was awestruck by her creativity. I came to know she is a parent coach who conducts workshops for parents, therapists and teachers.

unnamed 1

On   14th may 2016, here I was attending her workshop at Juhu with few other participants. Yeah… too soon to decide that too having hectic schedule being an HR professional. I did not want to miss any opportunity which could lead to development of my child.

The first day of my workshop I had an excitement like a child going to school for the first time. Yes, this was my first day at School of Parenting and trust me I will never forget those butterflies in my stomach. Here, I was ready to unlearn, learn and relearn the “Art and Craft of Storytelling”. I met few amazingly creative participants from different fields who also inspired me in their own unique ways.

I never thought that  four days workshop can bring so much change in me as a mother and as a human being. The mentor of this workshop has a positive aura which was quite contagious and enough to create magic. I might not be able express in words about this magic but deep inside my heart I could feel it.

So, in four days’ sessions, I learnt about the importance and techniques of storytelling to your child. From my learning at this workshop I list a few points on importance of storytelling:

  1. Storytelling can encourage development of emotions and feelings in a child
  2. Storytelling sessions enhances the child’s imagination power
  3. Enriches vocabulary and listening skills of children
  4. Folktales can keep children in touch with cultural roots
  5. Most importantly for me, I want my child to have conversation with people around her. These days in any relationship conversation has taken backstage. Talking solves all the problems of the world. Sharing stories are very important.

Few Techniques of storytelling:

  1. Oral Art: Through this form of art I understood the difference between reading a story book and telling a story without a book. The intimacy and connection between the storyteller and audience is deepened by the flexibility of oral storytelling which allows the story to be molded according to the need, environment and audience. It becomes more meaningful when stories are told through eye to eye, mind to mind and heart to heart.
  2. Show more tell less: It is important to know this rule because if you tell more, it can come across as rather flat. You are giving more information through telling and that often stops the story in its tracks. Showing is more engaging and entertaining.

During the workshop, we had fun, we laughed, we learnt, we shared our life’s stories, we crafted stories and by end of the 4th day we became a certified storyteller.

unnamed 2

The relationship I shared with the facilitator and other participants did not end there. The facilitator and founder Mrs Geetanajli Shetty Kaul, has taken an effort to bring all the participants across India under one roof and has formed a group called “ Secret Passage Storytelling Circle”. This group has been formed to keep stories alive across ages and spaces. Storytellers from this group has been trained to craft stories and tell them from heart. This is the group where all the women inspire each other, support each other and incredible things happens here. “The Secret Passages” has completed a year this month and is going strong.

As a parent, I would recommend here all the parents to attend such workshops. I did and now I realize that in life there are choices and I chose to become a storyteller mom.

I share completely different relationship with my little one after being a part of this group. She has become calmer and so do I. She knows mamma can make things easy through stories. She believes in magic. We have a Storytime in a day and my 4 years old consider that time very important. I feel free to create stories that has power to change the challenging behavior into a desirable one by passing the message subtlety. It is amazing and satisfying for me to see how the story resonates and that is my “AHA” moment.

Thank you Geetanjali and all the girls of storytelling circle for being you.

This is my story… What’s yours???

PS: Many of you are interested in exploring Craft of Storytelling but aren’t sure where to begin. If my article interests you , here are the details:

unnamed 4





I came across a quiz on internet, it’s called “How are you?”. For once I wanted to skip it but being consciously aware of my lifestyle I thought to take it up this time. The quiz asks about the types of food you eat, how often you drink alcohol and whether you smoke. This has been designed by the Public Health England. My results were ok, but there was plenty more I could do. We all are aware how important our health is but how motivated are we to take care of ourselves?  When it comes to our health we live in denial. So i thought to share my ideas on how to be fit.We don’t need a fancy gym, Nikes or new sweat pants to exercise. We just need a little motivation and self-awareness. To begin with, one needs to test his or her fitness. There can be several benchmarks to test your fitness. One is like what I did above, an online quiz, a virtual one . Go ahead if you want to try, just google it and you will find plenty of them.

But I found few simple real ways to check how fit you are. These fitness yardsticks are recommended by top trainers and is surely fun: –

  1. Sit down, stand up: – cross your feet, then lower yourself down to the ground so you sit cross legged. Now stand back without using your hands or losing your balance. You can’t touch the ground with any part of your body. The siting rising test demonstrates mobility and balance.


  1. Go for a Hike: – Going for a hike with your backpack is one of the incredible way to test your fitness. The expert say go on a “light” hike with no load of 1 mile in 16 minutes, aim for a “moderate” 2-mile hike with a 25-pound pack in 30 minutes or go for an “arduous” 3 miles with a 45-pound pack in 45 minutes.



  1. Balancing Act :- Stand on one leg. Close your eyes. Time until you fall. Lasting 30 seconds for each side is great.



4.Jump/Hop/Skip :-How high you jump is the indicator of the fitness of your lower body, specially your legs.

Hopping is another yardstick, mark out a distance of about 50 yards on a straight path with chalk. Hop on one foot from the start line to the finish, counting how many bounds it takes you. Now do it with your other foot. “The differences in the number of hops gives you an idea of the discrepancy in strength and power between the two legs. “As you get stronger, you ‘ll cover the same distance in fewer hopes.

To look at your reaction time, coordination and aerobic capacity, jump rope for one minute, counting how many hops you complete.



  1. Take the Stairs:- Always look for stairs instead of lift. How many stairs you can sprint in 60 seconds is the test.



These five fitness tests can be done at home and will clue you into your heart strength,balance and flexibility and give you blueprint for improvement. Now that you have checked on above parameters and is motivated to begin your fitness programme, the trainers suggest to go for a full checkup of your body with a doctor. The American college of sports Medicine recommends that you see your doctor before engaging in exercise if two or more of the following apply:

  1. You are older than 35 years.
  2. You have family history of heart disease before age of 60.
  3. You smoke.
  4. You are significantly overweight.
  5. You have high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
  6. You have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.


Once you are approved by your doctor there is no looking back. It is easy to say that  you will exercise daily but having a plan makes it real easy:

  1. Create a routine.
  2. Start slow and progress.
  3. Build activity in your daily routine.
  4. Measure your progress.

Here i am sharing images of some famous workout and yoga techniques:


 Full Body Work Out


Some Yoga Techniques

Eating and exercise go hand in hand. Knowing what and when to eat can make a lot of difference. You can enjoy your favourite foods you love, by making small changes here and there:

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast.
  2. Size of the meal is important.
  3. Eat after your exercise.
  4. Shelve Sugar.
  5. Cut back on fat.
  6. Eat less salt.

Now this is not a quick fix programme , but a lifestyle. You need to bring these habits into your daily routine and should be followed religiously. A sound mind lives in a sound body, so you will feel more energetic at your work, once you start following these regimes. We ignore our health for the sake of rat race and a bad health eventually defeats the entire purpose of the rat race. So, for a better quality of life, let’s take a pledge to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating right and doing physical activities right.

Would love to know your thoughts.





“Medalist pedh pe nahi ughte… unhe banana padta hai…pyar se, mehnat se, lagan se”

I was excited to watch “Dangal” since the time trailer was released. However, missed it last week because of prior engagements but didn’t want to miss this weekend. What an amazing start of new year with the movie which inspires and teaches you many facts of life as a child and as a parent. Let me tell you I am not Amir Khan fan and I did not go to watch him. I went to watch a true story of a father and his two daughters. Though I never discuss about a movie but this one left a very strong impact on me so thought to share some of my takeaways from the movie:

Every home needs a parent who dares to dream of contributing to the society. Here, father had a dream to get a gold medal in wrestling for the country. So, setting a goal for your child is utmost important. In order to achieve any goal sometimes you have to be tough with your children. You may appear as their enemy but deep down the fact is that you are their only true well-wisher.  As a parent one needs to coach and mentor their children continuously.

Film has shown that how gender biased society cannot come in between if you make up your mind. Anything is achievable if you ignore “Log kya Kahenge”!! The father and daughters lived in a village of Haryana that has the worst sex ratios in India. But inspite of all this the two sisters went on to win various tournaments and make India proud. “humari Chhoriyan Chhoron se kam hai ki?” “Gold to gold hove hai Chhora lave ya chhori”. Girls lived up to the expectations of their father.

The turning point of the movie was when they realized or was made to realize by their friend on her wedding that they are fortunate that their father was fighting with the society to make a career for them, rather than getting them married. It is important to recognize what we want in life. Girls realized that their father was not looking for an ordinary life for them.

How much parents do for us and like any teen we start to feel that others are right and not parents and exactly same the girl felt about his new coach, just to realize later that no other human other than parents on the planet can give you the right guidance and forgive you without any expectations. The best example was when the Coach says “Itni buri tarah se na har” and father says “ Haarna Nahi”! Father never stopped believing in his daughter.

The biggest take away for me from the movie was that never forget your roots from where you started, what all were sacrificed for your dream. The moment you are distracted from your goals rectify it immediately. Though the girl performed poorly in her initial international tournaments, she makes a strong come back with clearly defined goal what her father had set for. I loved the scene when the girl cried over the phone with father on the other side. No words were exchanged but she realised that her father is there for her always.

In the final match when father was not there,  the girl was impatiently waiting for him but later she recollected her swimming training when her father said “As a father,I will not be there always to protect you; but I will always be there for you as your strength”. The girl learnt to fight her own battle. We need to assure our children that they are not fighting their battle alone we are always with them in every circumstances.

The best moment was when the National Anthem was played once the the girl wins the gold. I literally had goosebumps when everyone was charged up with the emotions in the theater and stood up and clapped.

Image result for geeta babita wrestler

Wrestler  Mahavir Singh Phogat with his wrestler daughters 

If you have a dream/goal and you are facing real difficulties to achieve please go watch “Dangal” and don’t forget to make your children watch it too.

Would love to hear your takeaways from the movie.




Christmas is more than Mistletoe, Tinsel and Gift!!

“Mom, tell me a story. What do you want to hear about? Mmmmmm… i don’t know.” Come on Aadya, Guess. Tell me anything that comes to your mind first”.Mamma.. Santa Clause”. So here mamma was with a Santa clause Story.

City is decorated with stockings, stars, mistletoe wreath and festivity is in the air. Yes, it is that time of the year, it is Christmas Eve.  Everyone is busy decorating houses, preparing for the feast, and choosing the best gifts. Children are elated with joy and excitedly waiting for their gifts. Amidst all these preparation, Santa is very panicky; he is yet to decide Christmas gifts for the children. Whole year he kept an eye on all the children, and wrote deeds of each child in his diary. Santa is perturbed to see that in the year 2016, children have hardly visited the park; very few trees have been planted by them and they have laughed a little less.

This year children have mostly stayed back at home playing videogames and watching movies. “Harry smiled 6,555 times this year, and his visit to park is 55 times, Oh no !! He had to smile 90000 times” murmurs Santa. Santa decides to go on a mission to bring back smiles on the face of children, to make parks a little busier and to make the world a bit happier. The time is ticking, it is already 11:45 pm, and he has to rush. Santa packs the bag, puts it on the back, with a plan in the mind.

On Christmas morning, children staying in Baverly Hills,  wake up to see there is no gift to their bedside, but just a written piece of note!! Note has just an address. Harry comes out of his house running to see all the other kids too has the same piece of note. All the kids are perplexed and don’t have any clue. The kid squad decides to go to the address mentioned on the note, Baverly Hills, Airplane Park and they take a bus. En route to the address, varied thoughts are running in the minds of the kids. Some are disappointed, some are angry and some are simply wondering what’s happening. Suddenly the bus stops, kids are on their destination.

There is a huge park, well decorated, children playing everywhere and one big red sack is placed in the center of the park. Harry was the first one to notice it, he quickly reached to the bag and called his friends. They looked at each other not knowing what is inside they opened the bag and found different colored balls, cricket kits, Badminton racket, Gardening kits. They all made a group together and decided to play and later plant trees. They played for hours together. Suddenly, Harry saw an Old man in a red old dress lying on the ground at the corner of the park. The old man looks familiar to the kids and they start inching towards him. Suddenly Harry screams; it’s Santa!! Children are happy, jumping with joy, but… Santa is sleeping.. oh no he is sleeping.. they could hear him snoring…

kharrrr kharrr…phhuuu phhuuuu…

“Santa is Sleeping.. santa is sleeping

Santa is snoring..santa is snoring..

Shake him… Shake him… Wake up now.. wake up now

Its Christmas today..its Christmas today.”.

Santa gets up from his sleep and dream and is happy to see children singing and playing around but he looks  a bit concerned. Harry sees that concern in Santa’s eyes and asks him the reason. Santa asks all the children to sit and make themselves comfortable.

“Come on.. come on… everyone let’s sing

This Christmas there no gift no thing..”

Santa explains to the children, as a kid they have certain responsibilities, which they must honour. Santa says “You children are the future of this nation. For a healthy future, you children need to understand your role. You need to be more loving, caring, Eco friendly, active and energetic. Having an indifferent attitude towards surroundings will hamper your growth, as individually you may rise but collectively you will fail. For a collective growth there must be bonhomie among you kids. Spend more time with fellow kids and try to understand each other.  Nature is the loveliest thing in the universe, so do come out of your homes and embrace it.”

Children are listening to Santa and they are realising why they didn’t get their Christmas gift this year. They are sad to miss on the gifts but they have decided to implement whatever Santa has said in their lives. Santa calls all the kids and gives them a hug. All the kids make a promise to Santa that they will happily play together in the green colourful park rather than playing within the four walls with their video games and smartphones. Santa is happy to see that the kids have realised their mistakes. Santa takes off his bag from his back, opens it and surprise…he got gifts, he distributes the gifts among children. Children are happy to see the gifts. With gifts in their hands, they all take the bus to their homes. But en route to home, kids were talking to each other, playing games, singing, dancing and enjoying. Santa is happy to see these kids giggling and jumping around. 

“Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas” Says Santa.





We all dream of the day to make our own way in the world. In our teenage we romanticize for a life with a beautiful house, luxurious cars, a successful career. In order to achieve all this we work hard for our grades, get a good job, buy property. Now, our teenage dream has come true, everything looks so perfect. We are completely fulfilled. Are we? Are we still missing something? Why? We are making money, we are doing shopping, consuming and repeat.
Something is terribly missing. No matter how much we have consumed on big gadgets, BBQs with friends etc. We are not able to fill this void inside us which has occurred during this rat race. What is this void? Can we identify our void? With whom and why are we racing so fast, so hard towards some unknown finish line.
“It is good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy”.
It is important to know how to control money without having to compromise the things that matter the most along the way.
Year 2016 has come to an end and let’s list down what we all have missed which should never be ignored in life’s rat race:
1.Health : We sacrifice health in order to make money and the same money we spend on recuperating.
2.Travel: The more you travel, the more you know about life.
3.Happiness/Love -Happiness and love is not an object to buy from a super market. It is a state of mind.
4.Peace of Mind : We all should focus on quality of life , not standard of life.
5.Relationships: When was the last time you called your mother, and thanked her for all the unnecessary love showered upon you? When did you take your little one to Beach to experience the magical sunset?
Too much of Gyan? OK, let us understand this with an easy example.
A group of about seven alumni, highly successful in their careers, got together to visit their college professor who had just retired. When they went to the professor’s house they were greeted affectionately. The professor identified a few and others he could recollect when they told the year they were studying. Conversation was about everybody’s career. As usual, everybody complained about stress, unhappiness and lack to time for family.
The retired professor was living alone as he lost his wife last year. As a courtesy, the professor wanted to offer tea to his disciples. So the Guru went to the kitchen and returned with a large post of tea and an assorted cups porcelain, plastic glass, crystal and some plain looking and some expensive and told them to help themselves to serve.
When all the students had a a cup of tea in hand, the professor with a great smile started giving a valuable lesson for life.
He said “all of you picked up all the nice looking expensive cups, leaving behind the plain and ordinary ones”, what all you really wanted was tea, not the cup, but you consciously went for the best and nice looking cups. Now if life is tea, then the jobs, money, positions in society are cups. They are just tools to hold and contain life, but the quality of life doesn’t change. Sometimes, by concentrating only on cup, we fail to enjoy the tea in it.”
Do not let the cups drive you, rather enjoy the tea. The above wonderful lesson is very important for life. Keep on checking yourself whether you follow it or not. It can give color, beauty and meaning to your life.

We need to have purposes in our lives, but these purposes can’t be one-dimensional. We were not born just to earn money and live a materialistic life. Loving our kids, caring our parents, understanding cultural values, respecting civic duties are no less important. Concoction of all these in a balanced way can give you a happy and satisfied life, and this is all what we need.
So, if you are running too hard on the life track, just take a break it is going to take you nowhere. Do a few things which you haven’t done for years but would certainly love to. Visit your near and dear ones, make some random paintings, take those cooking or guitar classes which were on your to-do list for years, enjoy the fresh air or take the unknown path and explore the unknown territory. Then you will know what life is. That inner peace and satisfaction that you were devoid of for years will make you feel complete and this feeling of completeness is something for which we should strive for.
So, friends live happy, live complete and please do share your views in comment section.
Lovingly Yours